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This page is a high-end fashion buttons, fashion buttons, material production is. ABS material, and the combination of resin materials, fashion buttons, pictures, fashion buttons for girls, also applies to men's fashion buttons. It is the most popular fashion buttons.ABS resin and stylish combination of buttons, side buttons plating using ABS material. Achieve noble results.
18×9.5×13,Fashion Button   25×6×12,Fashion Button   21.5×5×9.5,Fashion Button   27.5×7×13Fashion Button
15mm×4×9.5,Fashion Button   31mm×6,Fashion Button   25mm×5.5,Fashion Button   28mm×5.3,Fashion Button
23mm×4mm,   22mm×4.5mm   17.5mm×4mm   25mm×5.5mm
20mm×3.5mm   20mm×7mm   28mm×4mm   30mm×4mm
Before 19 After
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